June 2018

Hello lounge chair my old friend

Spent all day (peacefully) attacking the brush pile. I made several barrels of good homemade mulch and sorted branches for use later. In the middle of the day, I pulled […]

Rained well tonight. I am glad. I am stressing a bit about having an automated watering system set up in time for the hot season. These days it’s already as […]

I didn’t take a photo of it, because I didn’t think it would have any flavor, or be worth mentioning, but I collected a single raspberry from the plant, perfectly […]

Raised bed, official woodpile

It was a hot Saturday with lots of sun, so I put the last raised bed together, from the cedar I bought back in April. Having made two already, the […]

More fruits in the ground

Tonight I finally put the pear in the ground and started training the branches. The pear limbs are nice and supple compared to other fruit trees of its height and […]

Staking and planting

Tonight I strung up some supports for the tomatoes in the “walking garden.” This garden is simply a layer of grass clippings with six inches of compost on top. I […]

I finally got around to moving a big brush pile from the willow cuttings a few weeks ago. I was motivated after chatting with my neighbor about Japanese beetles that […]