I found a black squirrel in the yard which had died overnight. I thought it was the shadow of a tree but on closer inspection it turned out to be […]

3/4 cup sugar 2 1/2 cups ground cherries 2 tbs lemon juice nutmeg, cardamom I put the initial heat too high and burned them slightly, but was able to save […]

If a mosquito drinks my blood, And hatches eggs from it, Are the new mosquitoes my spiritual descendants? If a bird eats one of my descendants, Indirectly eating of my […]

Ten feet long, douglas fir. The impromptu tomato bed I set up will be a permanent planting area. Making boxes is getting slightly easier.

Encounter with Mantis

On my way home from an errand, I pulled out from my parking spot, and when I got to a red light, I noticed a praying mantis on the windshield. […]

I have been catching mice for the past few weeks using humane traps. I’ve also been catching some mouse-like creatures with longish snouts and very tiny eyes. At first I […]

Although I was always searching for alternatives to buying wood to make raised beds, such as using logs to form bed borders, I found I could fit 8-foot boards in […]