May 2018

Down come the willows

On the way home from work, I researched a fruit tree-growing technique called “espalier”, where the tree branches are guided to grow horizontally at easy picking height. Apparently this technique […]

Veggie and fruit shopping

This morning I went with my spouse to a nearby nursery and thankfully was able to find kale, cabbage, and other leafy greens for planting. We were also very happy […]

Tree trimming

I was able to work from home today, so I used the time in the morning to saw some small tree branches to get practice as a tree-caretaker. Now having […]

Finishing mowing the lawn. There was a tall grassy patch next to the driveway which I had not mowed at all since moving in. I almost mowed a nest of […]

Oh yeah. The compost is here.

Today was a lot of work. Bussard Bros dropped off 3 cubic yards of leaf compost. It was a whole lot of compost. First things first: Need a place to […]