Things I Support

I regularly donate to the following gardening/eco-related creators and causes, because they add tremendous value to my life:

  • Paul Wheaton’s permaculture podcasts are saturated with fascinating information and experiences across the spectrum of permaculture and gardening, including farming ($3/podcast). There are over 400 podcast episodes over several years, and I really love listening to them.
  • Paul Wheaton’s permaculture videos are always educational and on uncommon permaculture and gardening topics ($5/video). My favorite so far has been about how to de-husk rice on the cheap!
  • Happen Film’s beautiful videos about people in gardening, permaculture, making a positive impact and changing for the better ($10/mo)
  • Permaculture Magazine International subscription in my hands makes me feel connected and enriched. I am always glad to have a copy to read. (~$40/yr plus all-in international shipping)
  • The Nature Conservancy is doing the work I always hoped that humanity would — buying up land to protect it from development and industrialization — and restoring ecosystems. ($30/mo)