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The angle of the sun really makes a difference in where any potential winter beds will go. The “main” garden beds will get a couple of hours of sun in […]

Ramping up fermented foods

It turns out the napa cabbage and carrot that I set to ferment was a success. I tried some and it was/is delicious. The remainder of the veggies are sitting […]

The first snow was the week before Thanksgiving (hasn’t snowed since then), and the first hard frost was Tues. Dec 11. Current projects: Piling up leaves where I want new […]

Food fermenter is here!

I don’t want to produce ANY food waste. Cooked or otherwise. Yet it happens anyway, even with careful portions. Friends come over and visit, or I forget about meals I’ve […]

Fermenting from scratch, again

I scrapped my big jar of lacto-fermented tomatoes (contents only, I kept the jar and sanitized it). It was my first project and I think I ended up contaminating it. […]

Up comes the landscaping fabric

I pulled up the landscaping fabric in the large front bed. Nothing interesting is able to grow in the front beds except for where there are cut holes in the […]

Prepping fig for winter

I’ve laid down thick layers of leaves around the fig to protect the soil and the plant’s roots. I’m starting to pile on more leaves in the spaces between its […]

Adding logs to the yard

I set logs in strategic places in the yard, where the log would either help soil to build up by catching leaf debris, or where a log would slow water […]