I live on just under a quarter of an acre in Frederick, Maryland, in a suburban area, with my spouse, and my cat.

I am not satisfied with eating food grown with pesticides. Eating big, watery, tasteless fruits that look like the idea of fruit, but leave me wishing for better. Why should I eat carcinogens? Why should I eat chemical crap that isn’t naturally present in Mother Nature’s global garden?

I am also not satisfied with chemical-laden toothpastes, body soaps, dish soaps, cleaning substances, laundry cleaners, and living in a perpetual stew of harmful chemicals.

My first goal is to eat pesticide-free, live free of chemical fragrances, and live a life of emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical (body health) abundance, by growing as much food as is sustainable for the land on which I live, and bringing in safe, organic plant products to my home to fill the gaps.

My second goal is to provide nutritious and healthy, toxin-free foods and toxin-free lifestyle options for my immediate family and for any and all who come to visit and spend time with me.

My third goal is once I establish my rhythm and have something to teach, I want to scale up and bring gardens to the homes of my friends, families, and neighbors, and be a knowledge distributor, having proven I can walk the walk.

The purpose(s) of this blog are:

  • Have somewhere to express my experiences, record my gratitude and observations
  • Keep a record of my progress
  • Share the beauty of gardening and of nature with others

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