Mo' mowing..

All about mowing tonight. Mowed a ton, got to borrow the neighbor’s mower again. Returned it tonight.  

I had energy enough to mow a large portion of the lawn, mostly by the street. I got inspired to create some shapes while mowing and left a good amount […]

Unfortunately a contractor left one of the gates open and when I came home there was a juvenile rabbit near the shed where I had seen it before. I could […]

I took the weedwacker to the front lawn which was overgrown. I tried using the push mower but the grass was far too long. Some neighbors took pity, one nice […]

Planting and learning

I went to Home Depot and picked up peat moss, garden soil, manure (which smelled awfully chemical-y when I opened it), a shove, and a rake. I used four pine […]

Unpacking and cleaning

Spent most of the day unpacking and dealing with shipment of all our stuff. Guy came by to unbox our TV and a glass table. I told him leave the […]

I eventually herd the rabbits out of the yard, instead of chasing them. They just hopped right out. No more rabbits in the yard! Still getting a feel for how […]

First day of new job.   Came home to survey the rabbit situation. They dug a few new holes, which I blocked with slabs of rock. I inspected the shed […]

Yesterday, I arrived in Frederick, MD, with my cat. I started my new job at Discovery Communications. The compost bin which I ordered from Home Depot arrived, and I set […]

Went plant shopping at the Frederick Master Gardener’s event. Spent $200-something on all kinds of plants. Got lots of lemony plants to keep away pests. Got a service berry bush, […]