Finishing mowing the lawn. There was a tall grassy patch next to the driveway which I had not mowed at all since moving in. I almost mowed a nest of […]

Oh yeah. The compost is here.

Today was a lot of work. Bussard Bros dropped off 3 cubic yards of leaf compost. It was a whole lot of compost. First things first: Need a place to […]

Rain again. I bought a wheelbarrow, and took advantage of the rain to lay out large swaths of cardboard in the yard where the beds will go. The rain will […]

I called Bussard Bros to modify my order to be 3 cubic yards of leaf compost. That will be 1 cubic yard per 8×4 bed. Thunderstorm with heavy rain and […]

Picked up soil from Home Depot. For the 3rd bed I laid the carboard over the grass clippings and did not put soil underneath. Instead, I laid carboard over and […]

Rehabilitating ground

Today I got a lot done. I had a few projects: Finish mowing, for which my immediate neighbor lent me his mower Excavate all the rubber from the play area […]

Busy with beds

Woke a bit early to dsitribute grass clippings in the yard. Got home early from work. I laid down cardboard for a second bed, and slashed the leaves of large […]