My ambitions and plans for the garden/homestead:



  1. Automated watering system that doesn’t pop apart and can be left unattended
  2. Keep everything alive
  3. Plan the growing zones for the property


  1. Plant the following fruits and trees:
    1. paw-paw, apple (crabapple?), goji berry (seeds), almond (heirloom), grape (heirloom), medlar,
  2. Bring in many yards of wood chips / mulch for use in the landscape
  3. Develop a seed-saving strategy
  4. Re-seed patches in the lawn
  5. Empty the shed

2018-2019 Winter

  1. Create hot compost bed and grow citrus and hot-weather plants like olives, dates, acai, moringa, oranges
  2. Small greenhouse along south side of house
  3. Plan beds and crop rotation for 2019 and 2020
  4. Develop the list of “what to do the entire year”
  5. Plan for 2019, layout garden beds
  6. Design a workspace/creative space in the shed



  1. Rainwater harvesting for the entire roof
  2. Re-visit the watering system and secure all the connections. PVC upgrades if needed
  3. Watering solution for strawberry patch (container with spigot?)
  4. Grow edible mushrooms
  5. Vermicompost setup for cat poop
  6. Line the sidewalk with lavender and bee-friendly wildflowers
  7. Bring in yards of organic compost and hire landscapers to move the dirt around in to new beds
  8. Set up bee habitats


  1. Build an outdoor oven
  2. Buy and use solar panel cookers
  3. Rain catchment drain at the bottom of the driveway
  4. Plant all fruit/ nut trees that I want


  1. Replace the Japanese maple with a walnut tree
  2. Check sump pump outflow and see if they can be repositioned to go on beneficial garden spots

2019-2020 Winter

  1. Improve usage of hot bed to continue growing through the winter
  2. Maintain citrus and other hot climate plants
  3. Revisit the yearly timeline of activities and optimize

Indeterminate (Ongoing)

  1. Build up backyard soil with no-till
  2. Encourage vegetation to grow wherever there is none

Unspecified Future

  1. Install solar panels on the roof
  2. Redirect bathroom shower water to “greywater” for yard
  3. Redirect bathroom sink water to “greywater”
  4. Build a cob one-room “shed”
  5. Outhouse for developing humanure
  6. Somehow use permaculture to prevent soil erosion around the edges of the house by the sidewalk when heavy rains pass through