Check small pots for slugs

I can see the signs of slugs — little nibbles taken out of my sprouting plants.

On further investigation, I’ve found many juvenile slugs leisurely abiding in the bottom of small pots and plastic containers, and even living in the soil between the container walls and the soil.

Nightly checks for slugs have done the trick — for the big ones. A few weeks ago I was launching successful midnight slug raids, and after a few nights, no longer found slugs.

What I didn’t figure for was their progeny.

Baby slugs are pin-head-sized little blobs that are so slippery that I can’t pick them up nor directly squish them. Instead I have to pick them out of my plastic containers with sticks and fling them onto stone, where midday sun and ants take care of them.

What’s a gardening post without some photos of gratuitous slug parties happening right under my sprouts?

I like my life slug-free.

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