I don’t need fancy wood to make garden beds

I had been stressing about the costs of buying wood to make raised beds, as well as choosing the right kind of wood so that it would (no homonym intended) last for a long time and I’d get my money’s worth.

Then it dawned on me.

People have been making garden beds since forever. Since before Home Depot. Before milled black walnut boards.

So I got out my pitchfork, put on my hat, and worked in 90-degree weather to put in a new garden bed.

I’d also been stressing about buying plants. Then it dawned on me again. That’s what seeds are for.

Behold, the direct-seeded, no-hipster-lumber garden bed!

“What are those, plant labels, for ANTS?”

I put in some spare flowers from a discounted market pack.

Meanwhile in the back, the potatoes have started doing their thing!

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