Garden tour of Frederick

I strongly encourage you, if you come to Frederick, MD, to take the official garden tour of the city. It is self-guided. It’s a combination of private spaces and some public parks. The private spaces are varied and beautiful. I’ve captured a few of my favorites, all from different gardens.

Although the focus is this pool, the gardener has taken care to use the tree layer to create a protective space.
Who would have thought to use round objects in a garden space? They’re egg-like! I like this space because the focus is the empty plate on the ground but also the full bowl just above it. Emptiness and fullness..
The previous image, zoomed out.
The gardener has added glass beads and stones so that bees can come and drink without falling into the water.
Close-up of the bee watering station. There are a few bees hydrating here!
A small ceramic scene of animals playing. The scene is on a metal table.
I find little touches like these very interesting. I like the symbolism of a garden within a garden.
An herb spiral, designed by Michael Judd. It’s compelling what a “pile” of bricks, some soil, and creativity can do!
A stone path by a small stone cabin.
I like gardens that invite me to go somewhere. I like the gradual change in levels here.
rock path through a garden
An inviting pathway: to where does it lead?
Very old tree
What a General of an old tree. Impossible to capture in a single photo. I thought it was wonderful to have such an old being in the yard.
Flowers growing out of a tree stump.
This sparked my imagination by showing me there are many uses for tree stumps.
Winding brick path in a garden
I think the winding quality of this pathway is what makes it compelling. I really want to follow it!
Roses growing up a metal arbor archway.
The gardener trained the flowers up the arbor. This gateway is so inviting. The air here was rich with fragrance.
Metal arch leading into some bushes
I like that a natural path begins where the stone path ends. Usually, going in between bushes isn’t so inviting. But with an arch, who can resist?

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