New buds, new beds

At long last, the jujube has finally started to sprout. I was worried it would stay a broomstick forever.

Bud of jujube is visible against the palm of my hand

Also in the new: two beds. The smaller one on the left will be for potatoes. The larger one on the right is going to be an experimental mounded bed. I’m going to bury some logs and fill it in with soil.

A rectangular garden bed full of leaves

I ran low on soil so I heaped on grass clippings. It’s gonna get hot! And hopefully release nutrients for future potatoes.

A garden bed sort of ready for planting.

Relocation package

I moved out the ground cherry from under the willow, which has grown back and was shading out the cherry. I planted it after I cut down the willow.

The serviceberry that I planted last year, next to the east side of the house, never grew much. I hope that will change this year.


They’re here!

Six peaches are beginning to grow on the tree.

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