Another broken-winged bird comes to visit

For the last two weeks, an injured robin, whom I decided to call Popeye, has been hopping around in the bushes of the front yard, with its left wing out, unable to fly away. I guess the yard is a stop-off for birds who’ve lost their way!

A sparrow landed on its back on the grass.

Today, a seriously disoriented sparrow landed in the yard. It landed belly-up but it was conscious, and when I approached it, it flew up and smacked into the side of the house.

This little bird was not in a good way at all.

I got a box, filled it with cut grass, and managed to gently capture it.

After I put it in the box, it stopped trying to fly away, and seemed to calm down.

I checked back a few hours later, however, and it was gone

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