Clover party in the back, what

Clover that overwintered in the garden beds are in full force and growing like crazy. They were struggling last year. I love to see clover flourishing. Since I’ve found out it’s a nitrogen fixer, and bees like its flowers, and it makes good ground cover, I give it high status in my yard. Plus I also like to grow the things that convention labels “weeds” just to be a bit rebellious.

Spot the celery!

Clover are keeping the weeds out. I also mulched heavily with leaves last Fall. There are some herbs growing here. Whenever I cut back the clover a bit, it surges to its original height in a few days.

Behind the bed against the fence, I’m growing winter rye which I seeded last Fall. It exceeded the height of the clover, so the clover are keeping weeds out and fertilizing the soil a bit, while the rye grow as tall as they like. A great match!

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