Peach, pear, and apricot have joined the party

The Dutch Plant Farm dropped off the three trees I bought during their Memorial Day sale. How could I say no to fruit trees at 50% off?

Seeing the trees in the driveway got me excited and inspired to plant them on the outside of the driveway. At this location though they would only get about half a day of direct sunlight, and I would have to put them in large pots, which I think would interfere with their root establishment. Despite my excitement I am worried about them being able to put down roots and survive the winter. I need to clear out the trees in the back corner for them.

The trees overlook the yard from the patio. Here, they’ll catch some morning light, and most of the rest of the day’s light directly. I’m inspired to put them nearby, but I have another place in mind for them.
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