More tree trimming, grass clippings

I used the left-behind pole saw to take off shoots from the big tree. My problem was I was using too much force, and as a result, the saw kept slipping out of its telescope. So I eventually learned to let gravity do most of the work, and I was trimming shoots in no time at all kinds of angles. I managed to open up the sky a bit for the back, and it makes quite a difference.

The sky above the fence is now open to permit ambient light to enter the yard. Below, trimmings await processing.

The neighbor’s kids came to mow the lawn. I got at least four barrels of grass clippings out of that. The pile they left was already heated and decomposing by the afternoon. When I went to shovel the grass, it fogged up my glasses. At this point, I am actually starting to run low on space to dump the clippings. I piled them behind the shed on my tree-trimmings pile, hoping the heat of the grass-eating bacteria will contribute to the accelerated decomposition of the tree material.

Midway through a steaming pile of grass clippings. Yum yum.

I also observed some interesting “micro-life” in the first “bed” that I planted.

Some small fungus showed up after the rains. I think they liked the wood chip cover and the mix of compost. At least that’s evidence of mycorrhizae! (I think!)


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