Busy with beds

Woke a bit early to dsitribute grass clippings in the yard.

Got home early from work. I laid down cardboard for a second bed, and slashed the leaves of large tuber-flower-things. I don’t know what they are, I’m sure they would look beautiful, but I slashed them for compost and to make space. They generate leaves really fast, so as much as I want to cut them down, they’re useful. Also, they have thick bulbous roots, which helps anchor the stone patio edges.

Grass clippings to smother living grass. Cut back large leafy thing to prep the ground.
For the second bed, I laid down grass clippings and soil on top of the living grass, then placed the frame around, wet carboard in the frame on the soil, then dumped more soil on top with mulch to finish. I positioned the marigold in between tomatoes, and put basil around the tomatoes. In the bed are spinach, peppers, basil, chamomile, etc. I put in peat moss, which had dried to a powder, and it made watering the bed difficult, because it caused the water to puddle instead of drain.


I realized that grass would crop up right next to the boxes. So I slid cardboard slices around the perimiters of the boxes to try and squelch light from the grass. It looks a bit junky, but I hope that it will be effective.


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