Grass clippings and rabbits

Unfortunately a contractor left one of the gates open and when I came home there was a juvenile rabbit near the shed where I had seen it before. I could not herd it away from the shed, and it went back under the shed as I had seen it do multiple times before. Around the side of the shed it’s possible to go under the side between the ground and shed, and then go over a beam into the undermost part under the shed. So I need to block all the sides of the shed completely in order to keep the rabbits out.

But the horrible part is I don’t know if that little rabbit is still going to be under the shed when I go to block off the sides, as I have no visibility to the underside of the shed.

I finished one part of the front lawn with the mower. I got tons of grass clippings, most of which I put down on the bare soil around the rock patio in order to trap moisture on the ground and begin to build up the soil around the tulips. I then laid cardboard over the thick piles of clippings to trap the moisture there.

Raking the grass clipping was a lot of work. I didn’t want to hire anyone to mow the lawn as I recently felt screwed over by a cleaning crew who cleaned our home before we moved. I was also nervous about my budget and bleeding money. But if I’m going to have limited time each night to do outdoor stuff, I think I’d rather be in the garden, planting and planning. So I’ll probably cave and hire someone to maintain the lawn. I want to do everything myself but there just isn’t the time for that now.

I also found a mouse hole of some kind in the front lawn! Evidently they took advantage of the nice long grass to make a home for themselves. I dropped one of our cat’s turds down the hole as a message that mice are not welcome in the property.

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