Unpacking and cleaning

Spent most of the day unpacking and dealing with shipment of all our stuff. Guy came by to unbox our TV and a glass table. I told him leave the crates. They were perfect for making raised beds. Although it was pine wood which would probably decay in a few years, compared to cedar, the work was already done. In the evening I took apart the slats and got a lot of free wood pieces and screws all in good shape, plus lots of cardboard from all the moving boxes.

I also cleared out a planter which had several bags of soil inside of a raised box. I found a few worms at the bottom of the bags, underneath, but they didn’t seem energetic. Ants were tending to larvae of some kind, and some eggs were on one of the worms. I deposited the worm in soil. I cleared out the plants from the previous year, (put them in compost) cleared out the detritus underneath and laid out a length of landscaping fabric at the bottom of the box. I wasn’t sure if it was landscaping fabric until I found some in the front yard keeping weeds at bay. Score!


Yard “before”. A possibly historic photo?


Planter “After”. The weed fabric held and this looks good for planting. However the dirt lacks any nutrients. I will put manure in there and possibly another bag of organic soil.

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