I have been catching mice for the past few weeks using humane traps. I’ve also been catching some mouse-like creatures with longish snouts and very tiny eyes. At first I […]

Although I was always searching for alternatives to buying wood to make raised beds, such as using logs to form bed borders, I found I could fit 8-foot boards in […]

Early summer update

Last year’s hard work and interring of leaves and other bio-material has really helped this year’s garden spring up. This is my first year with spinach and lettuce actually growing […]

I can see the signs of slugs — little nibbles taken out of my sprouting plants. On further investigation, I’ve found many juvenile slugs leisurely abiding in the bottom of […]

Another rainstorm sweeps through

The City of Frederick dredged a creek on an east-west line through the center of the city. Without this critical drainage point, named Carroll Creek, which is beautiful to walk […]

Inspired DIY wildlife watering station

I’m looking for an alternate word for “station” — inspired by the garden tour yesterday, I decided to find some rocks, pick up this ceramic from an (unfortunately) destroyed artwork, […]

I strongly encourage you, if you come to Frederick, MD, to take the official garden tour of the city. It is self-guided. It’s a combination of private spaces and some […]